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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Blog

My "teacher" resolution was to update my blog with ideas that worked in the classroom at least once a week. Today is our first full week so here goes nothing. Prior to Christmas break, we talked about Maps using the book "Me on the Map" which can be found on youtube video. We held discussions about maps and then got to talking about our school. We made a list of important places in our school. Next, each student was given a camera and we went around the school taking pictures of all of our important places.
Results were quite beautiful:
Then we drew out a map of our school on a large piece of paper and added all of our pictures. For the younger students, it was necessary to walk around the school and draw out the map as we go. (Then, we came back and glued). Last, they drew a picture of themselves in a room in the school. Here's our final result:
The students really enjoyed the activity!

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